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Beauty Treats

Since the advent of mankind beauty has it’s significance and importance and people have done their best as per their knowledge to enhance and nurture it by means of ornaments and magical herbal potions. Taking that age old wisdom from Ayurveda and modern muscle movement techniques we at Prakriti, Nourish your body and skin with pure herbal products and self made Ayurvedic oils combined with adapt hands of our therapists.

Treatment Duration
Aromafacial 1 hour
Ayurveda Facial (Mukha Lepa) 1 hour
Hydravitals (normal to dry skin type) 30 mins
Purivitals(normal to oily skin types) 45 mins
Dipigmentone 45 mins
Acnex: (Pimple & acne Treatment for pimple/acne prone skin) 45 mins
Four Layers Advanced Radiance Facial: The unique Four Layers 60 mins
Four Layers Advanced Ageing Facial: The unique Four Layers 60 mins
Advanced Kiwi fruit Marmalade Facial 45 mins
Advanced vino grapes Marmalade Facial 45 mins
Advanced papaya Marmalade Facial 45 mins
Absolute platinum that rewinds ageing 1 hr :30 mins
Citrus Luxurious Pedicure & Manicure 45 mins
Prakriti Padicure:(Foot care ayurvedic way) 30 mins
Prakriti Manicure: (Hand care ayurvedic way) 30 mins
Crystal spa
Luxurious Pedicure & Manicure

Treatment Duration
Crystals spa 1 hour
Crystal Body spa
(A pampering body sheen polishing)

Treatment Duration
Mocha 2 hour
Tangerine 2 hour
Meet your Ayurveda Expert
Prakriti Ayurveda Wellness Consultation


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