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Spa Treatment

​At Prakriti, Our administrative director & Spa consultant Deepti Bhatnagar with her dedicated, trained & experienced team makes sure that our clients get best of the Spa experience which transcends them to a higher level of peace n relaxation. As soon as one walks into the Prakriti Spa the natural ambience immediately relaxes there senses and readies them to relish the Ayurvedic and beauty treats performed by our trained therapists.

The natural aroma of our herbal products, adapt hands of our trained staff and the environs make sure that one walks out of the spa rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed.

(Relive the romance with nature)

Treatment Duration
Head and Body Massage (Abhyanga) 60 mins
Stress Release Head and Body Massage 70 mins
Exfoliating herbal powder massage (Udwartana) 60 mins
Shirodhara 45 mins
Herbal Bolus Massage (Pinda Sveda) 1 hour 15 mins
Therapeutic Warm Oil Treatments for Pain Relief 1 hour 15 mins
Daily regimen Package (Dinacharya) 1 hour 15 mins A daily
Regroup and Reenergize with Prakriti

Treatment Duration
Prakriti Vitality massage 60 mins
Prakriti Serenity massage 60 mins
Prakriti Energy massage 60 mins
Prakriti Mini treats

Treatment Duration
Head Massage(Shirsha Taila Vimardana) 30 mins
Padabyhanga (Foot massage) 30 mins
Peethabhyanga (Back massage) 30 mins
Abhyanga of the Head, Ears, Hands and Feet 45 mins


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